Life as a busy author

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I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last posted. I’m quite a rubbish poster, aren’t I? Which is a good thing really, because I’d only fall off the wall if someone stuck me up with Blu Tac.

OK, that was a terrible joke. I’m quite a bad joker, aren’t I? Which is a good thing really, because I’d whip Batman’s hide but I’d look terrible in leaky red lipstick.

OK, I’ll stop but just so you know, I could do this all day.

So here we are in September. We’re back at school and summer is saying its final Sayonara toodlepip. The news is that I’ve been writing. Woohoo! I’m excited because writing is my favourite thing to do. This summer I also moved house and went to Rome and assembled flat pack furniture so writing was out of the window for a while but I did have two glorious weeks of distraction-free days to sit and write, which was so nice.

Except the sun was shining, which was annoying.

I like writing in the rain, preferably with thunderstorms. Lashing rain is best but drizzle is fine too. Sunshine is so tempting and delicious. It giggles and tickles and calls me outside. It says, ‘Emmmmmaaaaaaa. Come and feeeeeeel my waaaaarrrrmmm and gooolden liiiiiight. Don’t staaaay insiiiiiiide wriiiiitng boooooks. Loook at my loooovely liiiight. Mmmmmmmm. Waaarrrrrm. Haaaaaapppppy. Cooooome.’ And I have to force myself to ignore it and stay inside and get vitamin D deficiency and leg cramps because a book needs to come out of me and the only way that can happen (unfortunately) is through my fingers. And that takes time.

How do people write in hot countries? I think I need to live in Ireland or Seattle and then I’d be sorted.

So I have three quarters of a book and today and Monday I am going to try and write the last part. I have to get on with it because it’s raining and thundery and that is just the most perfect gift after all the heat (which I love) that London has been cooking in.

Dara’s doing well: it came out in the US and Canada in July and I love the yellow cover. It’s also getting some attention Dara would love: I can’t disclose my news just yet but let’s just say it’s BIG.  And Amber should be coming out in paperback in the US and Canada next month after a year in hardback.

Meanwhile, back in London, the rain is making me a very happy author. I have to go and write right now and make the most of it.


Mmm rain.









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