Month: March 2021

How to Save the World with a Chicken and an Egg

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Disclaimer: I am no expert on saving the world. I am no expert on chickens. And I know very little about eggs.

My, but I’m a terrible blogger. Actually, I’m quite a good blogger when I post – I must have been because I used to write a blog for the Independent called ‘Independent Minds’. But these days, I only seem to have time to write OR parent OR run a year group and teach, and somehow I’m doing all three. Blogging? Back back back of the queue.

But. With this really lovely-looking new book out next week, I can’t help but queue-jump. This one I’m proud of. I’m proud of them all, obviously, but this one is special: it’s about the planet I love, animals I love, a place I love, humans I’m very fond of, even though they aren’t real, and a message I’m hoping will resonate. Plus it mentions real people I think are incredible, like Carl Safina, and fictional people like Nathaniel, a boy with Autism, who is very lovely indeed, as is Ivy Pink Floyd, the girl he meets in Southwold.

Best of all, it’s uplifting, and tell me one person who does not need uplifting right now.

I know it’s uplifting because my mother told me. She’s reading it, you see. She is giving it rave reviews on a daily basis. This was her WhatsApp review last week:

I am on chapter 12 of your book ,I just LOVE IT ,when the advertise it ,they should say ,”its for the child in all of us ,irrespective of our age ” its SO delightful ,and just the lighthearted up lift we all need after this very hard lockdown to me it makes me smile , really ,I sat up in bed ,after reading 2 chapters ,before I had to get up ,and when I closed the book I smiled ,with pure happiness, it’s a summer must read for everyone ,good luck ,its a masterpiece,

She’s now up to chapter 15 and leaving me voice notes about how long she laughed for after reading certain sections. Sadly, my mother’s review doesn’t cut it in the world of critical acclaim so hopefully some other reviewers will feel the same way. Maybe even you.