Spring News

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Was December really the last time I posted? Gosh. I’m a bit bad at regular updates, aren’t I?  I’ve been crazy busy, you see, writing another book and doing a lot of life stuff but I have some very good news…

…and that is that Dara Palmer’s Major Drama has just received its first US trade review and it’s a corker … (drum roll)…  a starred review from Kirkus!



YAY! I’m so delighted. Thank you so much to Kirkus and especially the reviewer, whose name I don’t yet know;  to Alex, Katy and the amazing team at Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, and to Chicken House for being so downright all-round wonderful.

Dara comes out in the US and Canada on 6th July and the rights have recently been sold to Denmark, which is also excellent news. I aim to have a celebratory launch-ette in Copenhagen when the time comes, and I’m planning a visit to the States later in the year.


And as Amber is going from strength to strength in the US and Canada, I am a happy writer this springtime.

But it’s 1.45 am and I have to go to sleep now so I will have to post again soon. Hopefully before three months go by.




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