Hampstead and Highgate Literary Festival

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It’s here, it’s here, it’s nearly here!

This very Sunday, 14th September, I’ll be appearing at the Ham and High Lit Fest from 5-6pm. The Ham and High have a brilliant Kidsfest programme with great authors doing some excellent talks, all of which I intend to go to. I’m going to spend the day there, seeing as much as I can, because it’s right up my alley.

It’s at the LJCC near Golders Green, so if you’re in London, free, and fancy coming, do it. Just do it. Throw caution to the wind, grab the opportunity, seize the day and Say Yes More because YOLO and life is short and what the heck.

I’ll be there talking about life, the universe and everything. I’ll also mention Dream on, Amber and read part of it, and talk about my next book, due out next year, and we’ll talk writing and storytelling and all kinds of magic like that.

You can buy tickets here or, unless it gets sold out between now and then, presumably at the door too.

In other news, I found out what it’s like to stand in a queue to meet an author and have your book signed. It’s downright nerve-wracking, that’s what it is. I very nearly ran out when I got to the front of the line. I told the two guys either side of me what to do in case I fainted or died on the floor, right in front of the author. Not because he was scary or intimidating, and not because I was star struck or filled with hysteria anything like that. But because I’m shy. No, really. People laugh when I say that because I’m also confident, bold, fearless and could run the country single handed, but I’m also really shy. I am. And the truth is, I don’t like feeling like a fan – I don’t know why. I find it so cheesy and teacher’s pet-like and sucky-grovelly, even though it isn’t at all. Maybe I need to see someone about that.

But anyway, I did it. I got my book signed and didn’t faint or die right there on the floor in front of him and all those people in the bookshop and I’m so very proud of my signed book that I’m going to post a photo of it. I wonder if everyone feels like that in a queue to have their books signed.


 Bone Clocks

The book is amazing, by the way. Not for children – there’s too much stuff that even I don’t understand about the Iraq war. But I’m enjoying it so much. Well worth the heart failure.





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