59 days to go!

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Today, I worked on a story, emailed a librarian, put together two book launch lists, realised I’d only invited my family and friends and emailed some more people to ask who else in the book world I could/should be inviting to my launch(es).

After that, I tried to put a screen protector on my phone. Jeez, doing that little task is so stressful. The first one got mucked up. I got a bit irate. I tried again, feeling very uptight. I had to lose it a bit with the company that made them and then calm myself down. Then I got it on and squeezed the bubbles out. Stupid screen protectors.

I didn’t want to waste a mood so I used it to complain about an advert I found sexist and offensive but I used a word that was a bit inappropriate so I think I’ll have to edit it. Moods are great for dealing with complaints but only if you’re careful with your words. And that was about it.The kids came home and off we went to the dentist.

You don’t get much done in a day. But it’s ONE DAY CLOSER to March 6th! So that’s one consolation.

Hopefully, I’ll get more done tomorrow. Probably not, but here’s hoping.


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