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I’ve been busy writing and editing and I look up and it’s December tomorrow. How on earth did that happen?

I’ve also been busy answering questions like this one, from my son:

‘Mum, have you ever needed a bouncy pig?’

(You may be surprised to hear that the answer was no, but nevertheless, I now have a bouncy green pig mascot on my laptop keyboard. He also has some bouncy wolves – one pink and one green – and a bouncy monster thing, so if you’re ever in need of such things for your own computer, he’s your man. Oh no, now I have four small bouncy mascots on my laptop. They’re distracting me!)

Where was I?

Ah, yes, I’ve done some great workshops at Frances Holland School over the last two weeks and have my last (boo hoo) session this Thursday. The girls are so lovely (hi Y4!). I’m really enjoying the stories they’re writing and the memorable characters they’re creating. I hope to have some photos of that very soon. It’s amazing to see such inspired and inspiring readers and writers. I’m going to ask if they can give me some feedback and I’ll put it up here on my School Visits tab.

Lastly, I’d like to say hi to a couple of people: one is my new friend, Scarlett, aged 7, who lives in Ireland. We’ve been talking via twitter. She’s also got some great stories up her sleeve and is giving me good ideas for my next book. Hi Scarlett (and Clementine – that’s Scarlett’s little sister). And the other is Ahuva, who wrote me a great letter as part of her English class. Thanks Ahuva.  Tell your English teacher I think you should get an A ++.

These bouncy pigs and wolves look like they want to attack me.

Oh no…they’re getting closer.





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