Amber’s first steps

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Yesterday was a great day. I held my book in my hands for the first time. It felt very normal, actually. Not overwhelming or momentous or any of the things I thought it would feel (weak knees, teary eyes). It was like I knew it already and we went way back. I was like, ‘Oh, it’s you.’ And my book went, ‘Yeah. Wotcha.’

I brought it home and put it on the table. It seemed comfortable enough. I think it felt at home. The kids met it and they liked it. Then it hung out on the coffee table watching telly with us and got picked up and read a bit so the cover looked a little bent and worn. It didn’t help me around the house or put any washing on. I was looking at it today as I was cooking and clearing up and I got a bit narked with it just lying there on the table. So I said, ‘Look. If you’re going to LIVE here you’re going to have to pull your weight. Just like everyone else in this house. OK?’

And what did my book do?

It pretended it didn’t hear me.



Lots of people went home with my book yesterday. I hope it behaved better in other people’s houses. This was me at the event, reading part of chapter 10 aloud. Chapter 10 is a bit sad but I think it went well. No one yawned or puked or got violent or anything. They seemed to be listening (apart from all the people talking and on their phones). Not really. It was great.


So Amber’s out there. Taking her first steps. There’s a mistake or two in the print though. You get Brownie points if you notice them.


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